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Cannabis Mentoring

Peter Gross

Are you looking for help to start or grow your cannabis business?


My name is Peter Gross, co-founder of Green Valley Wellness and Epic Family Farms. I have more than a decade of success in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries, and I have the expertise to help you navigate the often confusing and challenging process of building a cannabis brand from the ground up.


Want to learn more? Get in touch and we can start a conversation.



Epic Family Farms, located in Talent, Oregon, started in 2016 as a 48 plant medical grow.  We have now successfully grown, harvested, cured, stored, processed and sold high quality highly regulated cannabis for five seasons, heading into our sixth. 



In hindsight, we got lucky to get in and out the way we did. We came in way too small, with a lot of inferior equipment, with no real sales outlets. We were attempting to bootstrap it and with extraction, bootstrapping will not cut it. If we had not taken the opportunity to sell, we would’ve been crushed by it all.



We opened the second, legal, medical marijuana dispensary in Southern Oregon. We guided many people into the world of cannabis and are still known for our staff service today. We presented ourselves as a resource and eventually became known for it. We cultivated trust within the community and it's paid off over time.

Are You Ready To Grow?

Let's get started. I'll work with you to set achievable goals and action points that will set your cannabis business on the path towards long term success.

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