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Peter Gross

My name is Peter Gross, co-founder of Green Valley Wellness cannabis dispensary, located in Talent, Oregon. I’m also the co-founder of Epic Family Farms, an organic cultivation network based in Southern Oregon, as well as Epic Edibles and Epic Productions, which was the umbrella for both an indoor medical grow and a small-scale ethanol extraction company. 


I’ve been fully engaged with every aspect of cannabis cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sales since 2014, which was the beginning of the retail sector in Oregon. I’ve also had my own indoor medical grow since I became a patient in 2009 for chronic pain, so I’ve been involved in cannabis on some level for the past 13 years. 

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I’ve witnessed first-hand the industry’s growth from its earliest days, and I’ve guided all of my companies through the transition from medical to recreational sales and production. I’ve navigated the constantly evolving, almost byzantine regulatory landscapes. 

Essentially, I’ve made all the mistakes. Twice. My goal is to help you maximize your investment potential by steering clear of the pitfalls that can drop you into recovery mode overnight, draining your cash reserves and derailing your momentum in an extraordinarily competitive market. 


Chances are, if you’re reading this, you love cannabis as much as I do. You see its potential as the medicine the world needs, as well as its potential as a viable business opportunity. 


With that said, The Industry runs on more than dreams. It’s cut-throat out there. From shady growers to licensing hiccups to cash shortfalls to crashing prices, there’s a million ways to lose a million dollars. 


But what’s it take to make a million dollars? Getting your ducks in a row from the outset. Knowing what to expect. Planning for contingencies. Being mentally nimble, ready to respond and adapt. And having the resources available to leap the unforseen hurdles ahead. And let me tell you, unforeseen hurdles are the one thing you can foresee. Beware the known unknowns!


As someone who’s been in the trenches from the beginning, I’m here to be one of your resources. Bring me on board to coordinate, to strategize, and to implement. There’s no substitute for first-hand experience. Compared with everything else you’ll spend money on, experience is priceless.


Spring 2018 - Present

Chief Consultant / Peter Gross Consulting

Feb 2014 – Present   

COO / Green Valley Wellness, LLC

April 2014 – Sept 2016   

COO / Epic Edibles LLC

Feb 2018 – Present   

CEO / DBA Epic Family Farms

Jan 2016 – Feb 2018   

COO / DBA Epic Family Farms

Feb 2014 – Present   

COO / Epic Productions, LLC

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